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Social Media Manager






Join Reekolect as a Social Media Manager and play a pivotal role in shaping our brand's online presence and driving engagement across various social media platforms. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with our brand vision and business goals.


Your expertise in social media management, content creation, and community building will be instrumental in expanding our reach, fostering meaningful connections, and positioning Reekolect as the go-to platform for memory preservation. If you are a creative and strategic thinker with a passion for social media, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of connecting and empowering individuals through their cherished memories.

What You Will Do

The Social Media Manager at Reekolect will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy. Key job duties include creating engaging and compelling content, managing social media channels, monitoring and analyzing performance metrics, and implementing strategies to increase brand visibility and engagement.


The Social Media Manager will collaborate with the marketing team to align social media efforts with overall marketing goals and campaigns. Additionally, they will stay updated on industry trends, identify new opportunities for growth, and foster meaningful connections with our target audience through community management and interaction. Overall, the Social Media Manager will play a pivotal role in elevating Reekolect's online presence, driving user acquisition, and fostering a vibrant community of memory preservation enthusiasts.

Who You Are

The Social Media Manager position is integral to the success of Reekolect as it serves as the key driver for our brand's online visibility and engagement. This role plays a critical part in establishing and maintaining a strong presence across various social media platforms, allowing us to reach and connect with our target audience effectively.


The Social Media Manager will be responsible for creating and implementing strategic social media campaigns, fostering community engagement, and generating valuable content that showcases the unique features and benefits of Reekolect. By effectively leveraging social media platforms, the Social Media Manager will drive brand awareness, attract new users, and cultivate a loyal community, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and success of Reekolect in the competitive digital landscape.


Reekolect is a pioneering technology company that is redefining the way we remember and celebrate our most precious memories. We are driven by the belief that memories hold immense value and should be preserved, enhanced, and shared in a modern and immersive way. With our AI-powered platform, we empower individuals to capture, store, and relive their life experiences, creating a digital space where memories come to life.


At Reekolect, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology, protecting user privacy, and fostering meaningful connections, as we strive to become the trusted companion for memory preservation, enabling people to cherish their past, celebrate their present, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

What We Offer

At Reekolect, we offer an enticing package of benefits and opportunities for a Social Media Manager joining our team. As a Social Media Manager, you will receive a competitive base salary along with the potential for commission based on performance, recognizing the importance of your role in driving brand visibility and engagement. We believe in recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent, providing a fair compensation package that reflects your expertise and contribution to our success.

Accepting the position of Social Media Manager at Reekolect means joining an AI company with incredible potential for growth. We are at the forefront of innovation in the memory preservation industry, leveraging AI technology to redefine how individuals connect with and celebrate their cherished memories. By joining our team, you will be part of an exciting journey, where your efforts and ideas will have a direct impact on shaping the future direction of our platform.

We understand the value of work-life balance and believe in providing a flexible work environment. As a Social Media Manager, you will enjoy the freedom to manage your schedule and work hours, allowing for personal and professional flexibility. We believe that this autonomy fosters creativity, enhances productivity, and promotes a healthy work-life integration.

Moreover, joining Reekolect opens doors to global exposure within the AI industry. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, attend conferences and events, and collaborate with professionals from around the world. This exposure will not only expand your professional network but also provide invaluable insights into the AI industry and its future prospects.

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