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A Social Preservation Network;
The First of its Kind

With Reekolect, users can seamlessly upload and organize their life's memories in digital albums, preserving their cherished moments for future generations.

Smart Social Connections

Ai-Enhanced Photo Restoration

Private & Secure


The Way We

Connect & Remember

We have developed a cutting-edge platform that allows users to upload and organize their life's memories, creating digital albums that capture the essence of every milestone and cherished moment. 

Reekolect Logo

Preserve and Relive Memories

Connect and Strengthen Bonds

Bridge Generational Gaps

AI-Enhanced Memories

Create a Digital Legacy

Find Comfort and Healing

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Get Started in three Steps



 Download the Reekolect app from the App Store or Google Play Store free of charge for iOS or Android.


Sign Up

Unlock the power of Reekolect by signing up for your free account. Create a personalized profile, set up your digital albums, and start organizing your memories with ease.



Connect & Discover long-lost family members, invite friends to share their memories, and embark on a journey of connection and reminiscence together.

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Reekolect AI Community App

REEKOLECT Community App 

Available for Download

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Key Features

Digital Memory

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Reekolect allows users to securely upload and organize their life's memories in digital albums, ensuring that precious moments and milestones are preserved for future generations.

Multi photos

AI-Powered Memory 


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With advanced AI technology, Reekolect enhances old photos and videos, bringing them back to life with vibrant colors, improved clarity, and restoration of faded details, providing a visually enhanced experience.

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Conversations Beyond Time™
(CBT) Technology

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Reekolect's groundbreaking feature enables users to upload audio and video files of deceased loved ones, leveraging AI to recreate their digital avatars. Users can have meaningful conversations with these recreated loved ones, fostering a sense of connection and allowing for guidance, reminiscing, and sharing of cherished memories.

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